What to expect from Brazil?

Brazil is ranked as the most beautiful country in the world because of its biodiversity. It is a truly magical place which offers unique experience. Yet, it is a huge country which requires a lot of planning. It is the largest state in South America with over 211 million people. Airplanes will be probably your main means of transport. Airports are literally everywhere. Don’t expect to rent a car and go for a road trip. You would probably lose a lot of time. Most of the country speaks only Portuguese. Even in biggest cities like São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro you won’t hear English much. Before your arrival you should definitely learn some basics in Portuguese! Language is the key. For the first time plan your trip around 5 main cities – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Manaus (Brasília is the capital and you should visit it but it is mainly the city with the government’s offices.). They are the best places to understand Brazilian culture, eat local cuisine and meet new friends. Brazil is also the place of the largest jungle in the world – the Amazon. Don’t miss this one on your list. It is a true natural wonder. There are so many things to see! Below you will find some tips about this wonderful country.

Things to See and Do in Brazil

São Paulo
The Amazon rainforest
Iguazú Falls
Rio de Janeiro
Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
Ouro Preto
Morro de São Paulo

“Iguazu Falls”

“Morro de São Paulo”

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – There is a lot of budget options in Brazil including many hostels and hotels for the costs of few dollars per night. The cheapest stay can be found from $10 USD per night already. A private room for two in a hostel can go as high as $40 USD per night and sometimes you can book normal hotels for much cheaper price. Just remember not to book anything near favelas where you could come to harm and don’t trust Airbnb which is not permitted in many places across Brazil.

Food – It is no exaggeration to say that Brazil has the best cuisine in the world. There also is street food everywhere so you can save a lot of money! You will probably eat many pasteis or tapiocas during your stay. The cheapest ones cost no more than $1,5 USD and double price on a restaurant. Meals in normal restaurants go between $7 – $9 USDs. Fruits are super cheap in the country in comparison with Europe or other parts of the world. For example for mango on any market you spend no more than $1 USD.

Transportation – be ready to fly a lot in Brazil! It is the largest country in South America. They don’t have such dense network of trains and buses are not the safest option to use. Therefore, we strongly recommend to use airplanes. In some places you can rent a car but you should definitely only do that when you are familiar with the place. Fly tickets are unfortunately very expensive. You should make sure you buy them in advance. Prices can be particularly high during holidays, such as before and during Rio de Janeiro’s carnival (February and March) and Réveillon or Christmas (December).

Money Saving Tips

Use Uber as much as you can because it is the cheapest and the best way to get everywhere in Brazil. Taxis are quite expensive and they can steal from you. Thanks to the official Uber app you can be sure to get decent prices.
Visit galleries and museums on Tuesday All museums are for free every Tuesday. Remember that! Use this day to enjoy the best exhibitions of Brazil without paying anything!
Avoid planning trips during Brazilian holidays During February, March and December the country has a period of leisure and recreation! Prices of fly tickets will be high. Do not plan anything during this period of time. You would be disappointed to meet a lot of greedy and naive tourists.
Eat a lot of street food! Don't be afraid to eat Brazilian authentic street food (tapioca, picanha, coxinha, pastel etc.). It is delicious and it is the best in the world. Also, it is very cheap and you can save a lot of money.

Best Time To Visit Brazil

Always depends on your budget. People will say the best time to visit is during summer from December to March but prices are too high and for backpackers definitely not recommended. September and October are probably the best months with July and August as well. These months are absolutely perfect to visit the Amazon rainforest and Pantanal because both areas are flooded enough to use a boat. If you have enough budget and you like partying then choose summer time.

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