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About Us

Hi, Folks!

We are Debora and Matej 🙂

We are two pandas (yes, we call each other as “panda”!) fighting to be together even if our countries are 11 000 kilometers away and to do so, we try to meet every time in a different place.

At the end of 2017, Matej went to South America with his friends to visit Machu Picchu and São Paulo was a place in the route. At the same time I was going to travel to the Northeast if Brazil to spend New Year’s eve with my friends! But as we were apart only thinking of our new crushes (us), we scheduled to meet in Amsterdam, and, since then, we have been exploring the world!

This same passion in common, which is traveling, brought us together and now we have decided to share our past and future experiences together on this blog.

All trips we do are unique and special because we don’t like to sit in one place, we really love moving forward all the time to see all beautiful things that our amazing world can offer. Therefore, our adventures are packed with action and emotions.

Also, we don’t like to spend much. That’s why all our travels are on a budget any time possible and we are eco-friendly while travelling. We always stay efficient, we try to support locals and we are always using only handbags for long-haul flights!

Our ultimate goal is to travel all countries in the world and share as many interesting information as possible with you and all the love we are exhaling!

I hope you all enjoy it! And do not hesitate to leave us a message!


“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.“ - Alexander The Great